A creative process …


P1110622Ode to my Dave


“An Ode to Dave…”

 An experimental development of layers and texture in immediate response to the written words.


This piece was created in preparatory thought for my forthcoming exhibition in Harlow, Essex.

Using crimson enabled me to blur the possibilities of the sentiment seeming angry, energetic or saturated with pink Essex charm.  The end result was honest yet provocative.  Graphical reference using structured line throughout, I feel, has offered clarity to the piece as a work of art/design; a removal from the realm of literature, poetry even, and journey into the world of fine art.  This is lending itself kindly towards the concept of ‘presentation’ and ‘display’.  Typographical context is important, yes, but the overall texture of the surface lends more to an emotional response in this case.  Scale of the words, layout and colour enhance or manipulate the textural quality.  I love the painterly layers masking the statement, further enhancing the rawness of  my response to both the theme and text I ‘found’.  For me, I have found a method by which I can express, distort and narrate whilst still remaining true to my love of painting.

One response to “A creative process …”

  1. david buikma says:

    dear deirdre it has become apparent to me that essex women aren’t what the sun newspaper page 3 makes them out to be x

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