Daily News …

Day 2


“organic growth”

“In her fine art practice, Amy seeks to unite the organic with the inorganic placing emphasis on language, identity and propaganda.”

I have found interest in media headlines and have started to document, daily, the mass of distorted statements we face as our every day reality whilst we enjoy breakfast.  These destructive words are discarded from one day to the next and replaced with new textual webs of deceit and rebellion.  Today we should take note, yesterday seems irrelevant and tomorrow looks bleak.  Today’s fact is used as cat litter or to wrap our ‘fish n chips’  tomorrow.  History has never seemed to sporadic, so transient.  I can hardly disseminate my role within society, let alone determine my own expectations.  Have we lost an identity/our identity or have we never truly had one?  Let’s tweet!

I notice that I ‘find’ words relevant to my emotional experiences of that day, and the overall design tells of a story relating to my life experiences then and now.  For me, each fleeting statement refers to an element of my life that seems painful, and questionable. Society is provoked, it seems, with media propaganda into devaluing identity and experience, and seeking unrelenting expectations of our role in modern life.

I am certain others will find relationships with the words and presentation, and that it will provoke a unique emotional response in each viewer.  The overall exploration here is to represent contemporary society in its most distorted nature: our dictated reality.  With thanks to the creative disturbances of a well known middle-class daily newspaper!

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