‘Boxed In’ – 3 Foot People Festival

3ft5 copy

3foot20131Cardboard + Sellotape + Imagination = A wonderland, card-world!

Over 4 days a pile of discarded flattened cardboard boxes were transformed into spaceships, cars, houses, castles and pirate tunnels.  Imagination, sellotape and creative problem solving were the only ingredients necessary!

Families embraced the opportunity to make, play and pretend with myself on stand by to assist with the construction and decorating!





‘Boxed In’ – A Sculptural Sensory Workshop 

Based on ‘unstructured play’, this workshop provides children of all ages/parents with the tools to create what their imagination leads them to.  The activity is designed to encourage parent-child teamwork but allows for the parents to step back and let the children take the lead on what to make where appropriate.  The ‘play’ is supervised and differentiated to allow for all ages of children (and adults) to participate, including siblings of mixed age ranges to interact and ‘build’ together.

The idea is that parents can use well known stories or their child’s own imagination as a starting point for creative play/role-play using the cardboard boxes as a starting point.

This workshop is available for use in community settings, corporate team bonding initiatives, at events and parties, with no minimum number of participants.  Adults would also love it, and next year I want to try it out with some ‘childish’ adults!



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