‘Organic Booth’ – Sensation Festival, Chelmsford 2013

organic boothsniff upside down

“Local artist, Amy Mountney transforms the urban telephone box into a tantalising organic experiment to set taste buds racing and encourage you to consider the value of the ‘smelly’ in decision making.  Will you leave smelling of roses or savoury savvy?”

The idea was to take the sense of smell and look to ‘provoke’ the senses with confusion and curiosity.  I wanted to remain true to my interest in the power of text to do just this, and so offered smelly suggestions as to what fragrances were whiffing underneath noses.  It became apparent, early on, that when asked to use fresh herbs, I could also remain dedicated to the use of texture and colour to inspire.  I was able to achieve a complimentary ‘layered’ effect, once again with the design, alike to my painterly technique.  Layers of interest were able to tantalise as well as smell.  It was suggested to me to take a humorous stance, which worked well to entice passers-by to explore their sensual responses.

A challenge to construct, but the outcome was so effective at gaining participation from the viewer that I would like to explore the use of installation in my work again.  Surprisingly, the organic booth remained intact for the whole 7 day trail, meaning my worries about the installation were worth it.

Thank you to lots of green fingered people for the advice!

organic booth 3smell detail



IMG_5728 copysniffsour

herbwaft exteriorIMG_5604 copy


Sensation’ was a free festival taking place in numerous indoor and outdoor venues across Chelmsford City Centre that aims to focus on the sensory systems dedicated to taste, smell, vision, hearing, touch and other stimuli beyond those of the traditional five.  T

As part of the festival, 7 professional artists were asked to respond to a site along a sensory trail route in the town centre, producing a sensory feast to members of the public and local communities.  Mine was this phone box in Moulsham Street Village!  Curated by Elaine Tribley, artistic license was used diversely and uniquely!

To find out more information about the festival, click here.

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