Sensory Mural – Sensation Festival, Chelmsford

A large-scale mixed media sensory mural.  What started out as a blank white canvas, and previously was a hoarding, ended up a feast of textural colour pathways for all to enjoy!  My brief was to ‘seduce, surprise, investigate, provoke and tease the senses of the audience’.  Voila!

sensory mural detail 1

When asked to produce a ‘live’ mural, my initial thoughts did not include the concept of performance in my painterly work.  I did not realise the true skill of being a muralist until I was faced with a huge blank canvas and eager eyes waiting for me to make my first mark.  Bearing my artistic soul, trade secrets and methodology of creation, I felt extremely vulnerable.  The idea of creation, for me, is less intrusive and ethereal.  Painting a mural is confrontational and ‘real’.  I felt scared but empowered when people reacted positively.  I felt confident that the purpose of this was more than to unveil my ‘creation’, but to encourage people to partake in the process of ‘creation’ instead.  I felt very honoured that people walked over to add their mark, idea or shape something that had caught their eye.  The outcome evolved by means of spontaneous creation, being open to the process itself rather than a polished artifact at the end.  The experience for me was empowering and I left understanding more about the power of paint to express than ever before.

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For more information on this festival, click here.

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  1. jody says:

    great work u do amy xxx

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