Art of the 5 Senses – Collective Exhibition, Chelmsford

As part of the recent ‘Sensation Festival’, I was invited to exhibit in a collective exhibition at the Ideas Hub.  With an overall theme of the 5 senses, I decided to focus upon the theme of ‘Sensory Overload’ when curating my collection.

This series of works explores the relationship between the written word and emotional response, and more specifically the use of text by the media to ‘provoke’ the senses.

By manipulating text in daily newspapers and what is promoted as our daily ‘reality’, I attempted to interpret a distorted textual reference to contemporary society.  Layout is exceptionally important, with the placement of each word forming a new narrative, typographic qualities offering a bold statement and the design key to any sense of confusion.  Vibrant, aggressive flashes of colour seek to enhance the feeling of ‘indigestion’, thus causing ‘sensory overload’.

P1120854P1120847Herblack fridayanyone can be demanding

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  1. Harriet Potterton says:

    What date is the art of the 5 senses on? and where is it?

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