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The Hive Artists were invited to create interactive ‘live’ works within Wagstaff Interiors during the 2014 Clerkenwell Design Week: in reality a bunch of ‘fine artists’ were asked to liven up what is otherwise a clinically function-orientated corporate interior design showroom.  Perhaps we were needed to add personality, drive, passion and determination of expression to the event?  Ideal!

Deciding to explore the relationship, between functionality and expression within design, I created a 3m wide ‘live’ mural depicting the highest form of design: nature.  BUT  really I wanted to create a playful interactive experience that might just spark a new idea, and some ‘fun’, within the workplace.

Remaining true to my colourist ways, a figurative ‘design’ was married with colour and rhythmic placement of each hue, developing ephemerally as a result of conversation with curious by-standers.

Words continue to factor as a design tool for my work but I remain conscious of the need/limitation of words within art, and so I created them from a final vinyl (temporary) surface.  The inclusion/removal of words in my work is another design/function aspect I am currently exploring, and so it was interesting that I did not remove this entirely.

I aimed to use the glass wall as my stage, but the interior space as an intimate space for contemplation and discussion of the evolving design on the wall.  I found that it enticed passers-by to venture inside and enjoy the experience of colour, texture and energy whilst conducting business.

I hope I might have encouraged corporate design minds to reassess the importance of human interaction and active expression in spatial planning, ideas development and conclude that function lacks purpose without expression.  A very enjoyable week!


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