Retro dining…

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With  thanks to Munch, in Hadleigh for their enthusiasm and support.  Placement of art work is a considered entity, with change of meaning possible with each new stage.  Here, I was able to take on more of a stylist role, siting my work as a focal point, to bring balance to the retro interior – My work created a middle ground to soften the contrasting colourful vs white, stark wall, as well as being part of the Hadleigh Art Trail.  My vibrant use of colour, and references to popular culture enhanced the ‘candy pop’ feel here, creating conversation starters and the opportunity for taking some time out to enjoy the work whilst you eat.  For me, art and interior design connect intimately, and I am proud to be able to take my visual work into the realm of design.  I love to make it accessible to the masses, and giving audiences the chance to imagine (or re-imagine) collecting art work to ‘express’ their voice, in their own personal space.


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