Creative Colony

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Creative Colony emerged to unite the city’s creative community and materialised in the form of a template pop-up exhibition platform created by a cohort of artists and students desperate to raise the profile of the city’s future creative entrepreneurs, and keen to produce a legacy for future artist students within the city.

Addressing the lack of exhibition space within the city, a virtual and ‘real’ platform were created in order to allow students to explore creative possibilities currently directing artistic practice in today’s economy.

Conversation, collaboration and advocation inspired a unique collaboration of ideas that has seen professional artists aspire to exhibit their work alongside emerging artists in a highly textural contemporary exhibition.  As the curator and project lead I provided professional industry insight into the set-up and artist-led management of a collective exhibition space.  This allowed the students to gain industry experience and an insight into professional pathways linked to fine art studies, including curation, design and marketing.

This project ran alongside my time as artist in residence at the college, whereby students were also given access to the development of a fine art project, from emergence of an idea, experimentation, exhibition and artist discussion.  They were presented with 4 different artistic experiences, where by each one of us documented the process by providing lectures, demonstrations and guidance to the students.

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