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November 2014 saw me pack away my studio for a while and fly to New Zealand to explore the cultural offer of ‘Quake City’, Christchurch (ChCh) in New Zealand.  Here, I would settle into an antipodean way of life, finding the balance between work and play I had yet to experience in Blighty.

I soaked up each and every learning opportunity, recording my journey in a blog.  This was my art work for 2015.  This replaced painting, but as always I remained true to my love for community engagement, and I left New Zealand having made new friends, art works and long-term connections to the rebuild of ChCh.

I called my blog #trendchch, to reflect the potential of the city to lead in the growth of a city of tomorrow.  Before this city can grow, it must be built – the resilience and creativity of the kiwis inspired me  daily, and will stay with me forever.

We also demolished and rebuilt a house…

The Antipodies & My Practice…

So far from the political conversations my work had previously started, consumerism is far less important and thus any satirical message lacked substance.  It has inspired me to change direction, be more playful, connect with nature and live for today.

My work may change – I hope it does.  Watch this space!

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