‘Just Grazing @HOME’

Residency, 2015, Installation & Engagement, fostered by Life in Vacant Spaces, Christchurch, New Zealand. Read about it here. For my New Zealand story, and residency ideas click here. To coincide with the demolition of our home in Christchurch, and to fill the gap before the rebuild, I felt it only natural to ...


The Sketchbook Project 2015

All about 'Quake City'... This was made to accompany my explorations of Christchurch, New Zealand.  For the full, online project click here. ...

creative colony

Creative Colony

  Creative Colony emerged to unite the city’s creative community and materialised in the form of a template pop-up exhibition platform created by a cohort of artists and students desperate to raise the profile of the city’s future creative entrepreneurs, and keen to produce a legacy for future artist students ...

IMG_8120 copy

AA2A Residency – Chelmsford College 2013/2014

                                    This experience has provided me with rich and diverse opportunities to undertake consultation, collaboration and curatorial ...


@Clerkenwell Design Week

                    The Hive Artists were invited to create interactive ‘live’ works within Wagstaff Interiors during the 2014 Clerkenwell Design Week: in reality a bunch of ‘fine artists’ were asked to liven up what is otherwise a ...

Human Nature

@Creative Colony – POP UP!

  A special mention goes to my sculptor friend, Alexandra Harley who so kindly donated her work to this exhibition and has worked tirelessly to support the execution of this project.  Check out her cool blog. With thanks, also, to Chelmsford College, and all the staff/students, and new-found ...