Just one day







Sometimes spontaneous, sometimes designed but never predicted. 

The two prominent themes of ‘roles within society’ and ‘the experience of memory’ co-exist in her work, with Amy exploring how the passage of time can inform, disturb and question the present.  Her mixed media approach is often date sensitive, and using propaganda text as a point of reference, she seeks to interpret her views on contemporary society.  She especially loves the unusual juxtaposition of highly emotive, provoking text with the peaceful, immersive process of painting; a blurring the boundaries of art, writing and design.  Amy is also experimenting with photography, film and installation, maintaining close reference to her inherent themes and considered design principles.

Peaceful in creation, yet at their most provocative, the densely layered colours and text fuse to create a rather corrosive tension: Impenetrable profound statements framed by overbearing textural colour palettes influence the viewer to take part in the process of ‘sensory overload’, and to become curious about their own emotional response.

An advocate of the power of both art and text to invoke, enhance and exaggerate emotional response, she is fascinated by the design element involved in this manipulative process.  With a curiosity for surrealist photography, and recent feminist approaches from artists such as Tracey Emin and Barbara Kruger, Amy intends for you to respect memory but question validity.

Recently, she has undertaken research into cognitive therapies and has developed a series of confessional pieces.  For this, she made use of ‘found text’ from daily newspapers, and noticed that, subconsciously, she would select words relating to experience, memory and emotion.  Enhanced by her expressive painterly strokes, each piece mirrored her emotional response yet inviting you to offer yours also.